Tribu Kapitolyo

Tribu Kapitolyo: A Glimpse of a Fun, Foodie, Friendly Iloilo Province

Tribu Kapitolyo, the representative of the Iloilo Provincial Government performed at performing area number two at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol.

A non-competing tribe, Tribu Kapitolyo has 42 dancers composed of Capitol employees and Iskolars sang Iloilo; 14 musicians; and 42 propsmen.
The performers depicted the fun, foodie, friendly treats of Iloilo Province to its tourists.

“Fun, Foodie, Friendly Iloilo Province” is not only a slogan but an identity.

FUN refers to the fiestas, other activities and festivals that showcase the rich culture, history and potential of the municipalities in the province.
FOODIE reflects the penchant of the Ilonggos for eating.

FRIENDLY or being hospitable is an inherent characteristic of Filipinos and Ilonggos.

The tourism slogan was personally conceptualized by Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. who wanted this to be the mantra of the province’s tourism industry under his MoRProGResILOILO development agenda or a Movement for a Robust, Progressive, Globally-Competitve, and Resilient Province of Iloilo.

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