United For A Cause Tanum Iloilo Grow A Tree Campaign

United For A Cause: Tanum Iloilo Grow A Tree Campaign

As a call to action, the DENR, PLGU Iloilo, MLGU Barotac Viejo, Atikha, and other organizations joined forces and launched a one-year initiative, the “Tanum Iloilo Grow a Tree Campaign,” in celebration of Environment Month and Provincial Arbor Day on June 21, 2024.

These organizations recognized the escalating impact of global warming, characterized by extreme heat, drought, and flash floods, severely affecting livelihoods and agriculture.

Through the “Tanum Iloilo Grow a Tree Campaign,” they aimed to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation across all community sectors, including overseas Filipino workers.

The campaign aims to mobilize workforce, financial, and technical resources to plant trees in Iloilo, and to establish model agro-forestry farms.

Additionally, it will focus on educating farmers and the broader community about agro-forestry practices to discourage tree-cutting for livelihood purposes.

The partner organizations are committed to sponsoring various activities to foster awareness and actively engage in both planting and nurturing trees.

One of the campaign’s main activities will be the “Lakad Para sa Kalikasan,” on July 20, 2024, at Durarog Hills, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.

This event aims to highlight the need for environmental protection, mobilize donations, and plant trees in the 30-hectare National Greening Project led by the DENR and Atikha.

The campaign sought to transform deforested areas into sustainable agro-forestry farms, promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.

Their target is to maintain 120 trees per hectare, with intercropping of vegetables, root crops, and other high-value crops to enhance farmer income compared to mono-cropping.

Various sectors are called to support their goal of making agro-forestry more profitable than mono-cropping and encourage farmers to adopt these sustainable practices.

Mai Dizon-AΓ±onuevo, chairperson of Atikha, emphasized in her message, “Kahit anong information education natin na pangalagaan ang kalikasan, kung kulang ang kita ng ating mga magsasaka ay magpuputol pa rin sila para buhayin ang kanilang pamilya.” (Despite all the information education on environmental consciousness, if farmers cannot support their families, they will still cut trees to sustain their families.)

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