Promoting Health And Wellness At The Capitol

Promoting Health And Wellness At The Capitol

Giving prime importance to health and wellness, the Provincial Health Office celebrated the 50th Nutrition Month with a display of diverse and nutritious products from local producers at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol lobby on July 8, 2024.

The Capitol lobby was transformed into a lively marketplace, where different stalls offered a wide range of nutritious products and health services. The stalls were filled with fresh produce and healthy delicacies. Local farmers and members of different associations got the opportunity to display and promote their products, starting from an array of fruits and vegetables to other healthy products.

The staff and visitors also tried various nutritious snacks and meals. A lot have enjoyed sampling smoothies made from fresh, local fruits and they indulged in ‘good for the heart’ salads and low-calorie snacks prepared with organic ingredients.

Each stall provided wholesome food options and experiences. Apart from the food vendors, there were complimentary massages, haircuts, and health examinations made available which helped improve fitness and well-being.

Promoting Health And Wellness At The Capitol Pt. Two

As the Iloilo Provincial Government continues to work toward health and wellness initiatives, events like this promote a culture of healthy living as well as provide help to microentrepreneurs. The active participation from the different stakeholders is a promising sign that the efforts of our health sector are effectively paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant Iloilo.

Indeed, the provincial government’s Nutrition Month Celebration was not just an event but a movement towards a healthier province of Iloilo.

By Gayson Gayola (WVSU Intern)