Gardening for MoRProGRes

A Program for Food Security, Tourism and Climate Change.


  • To promote the production of high value crops in various agricultural settings for food security
  • To blend ornamental gardening, landscaping and high value crops production to create agri-tourism destinations for tourists, especially the Ilonggo weekenders, and;
  • To create green agri-tourism destinations to promote the use of recycled/iupcycled materials to contribute to the climate change response of the Province.

GARDENING FOR MoRProGRes shall have the following components:

MoRProGRes Garden is a garden for high value crops, ornamental plants, using recycled / upcycled materials, with landscaping features, and shall serve as an agricultural-tourism destination for Ilonggo weekenders, and a climate change response as well.

Gardening for MoRProGRes shall be a convergence program of the Province and the MOA Partners, together with the National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), academic/technical education institutions, non-government organizations (NGOs), people’s organizations (POs), socio-civic organizations, religious organizations, media and social media netizens, business and other sectors.

The Province and Convergence Partners shall provide assistance to MoRProGRes Gardens is a form of:

  • training/orientation in high value crops farmin, ornamental plants gardening, landscaping and use of recycled/iupcycled materials in gardening
  • seedlings and other farm inputs, and;
  • agri-tourism establishment management

The Province shall incentivize the GARDENING FOR MoRProGRes and MoRProGRes Gardens, as environmental friendly agri-tourism destinations.

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