MorPRoGRes Gardens

The Province shall recognize the top performing MoRProGRes Gardens on April 2024, and shall award incentives and such other grants that shall further promote the objectives of GARDENING FOR MoRProGRes.

The mechanics of incentivization are as follows:

GARDENING FOR MoRProGRes shall be a contest for the most beautiful and environment friendly MoRProGRes Garden that shall: promote the production of high value crops for food security, blending ornamental gardening and landscaping for agri-tourism and using recycled / upcycled materials as a climate change response;

  • MoRProGRes Gardens shall be at least fifty percent (50%) high value crops,
  • Landscaping features shall be prominent to make MoRProGRes Gardens tourist and social media worthy, and
  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of planting shall involve the use of recycled/ upcycled materials;

The Province shall have top performing MoRProGRes Garden in the use of recycled/ upcycled materials;

MoRProGRes Gardens shall be in five (5) categories from among the Convergence Partners, as follows: (i.) Municipality, (ii.) Barangay, (iii.) primary and secondary schools (public and private), (iv.) academic/technical education institutions (public and private), and (v.) non-government  organizations (NGOs), people’s   organizations,  socio-civic   organizations,  religious organizations, media and social media netizens, business and other sectors (small farmers, commercial farms, agricultural cooperatives, farmer’s associations, resort owners and food establishments, etc.);

MoRProGRes Gardens shall be on a lot with an area at least 1,000 sq.m. except for Municipalities and commercial farms (of at least two (2) hectares of lot area), which shall be at least 2,000 sq.m.; Provided that, participants may opt to exceed the required lot area;

Registration for GARDENING FOR  MoRProGRes  shall be from 01 to 31March 2023;

The Province and Convergence Partners shall conduct training/ orientation within the period from April to May 2023, on high value crops production, ornamental plants gardening, landscaping, use of recycled/ upcycled materials in agriculture, and agri-tourism establishment management for MoRProGRes Gardeners;

The province together with the LGUs shall conduct inspection to monitor the development and progress of the M oRProGRes Garden, and judging period shall start on February 2024;

MoRProGRes Gardens  shall be  agri-tourism  establishments that shall generate business for the owners and job opportunities for the  Province; Provided that, the Municipalities and Barangays are encouraged to utilize the produce of the MoRProGRes Garden for their nutrition programs  and Day Care Centers;and

MoRProGRes Gardeners are enjoined to post the progress and events in the Provincial Agricultural Information System (PAIS) and such other social media platforms to market MoRProGRes Gardens as agri-tourism destinations to tourists, especially the Ilonggo weekenders.

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