Bolstering Agricultural Production

Bolstering Agricultural Production

Department of Agriculture Western Visayas Regional Executive Director Dennis R. Arpia had a high-level meeting with Iloilo Governor Arthur R. Defensor Jr. to focus on significant agricultural programs and projects aimed at propelling regional growth.

Among the attendees were banner program representatives Reynol Dequino, Gareth Bayate, Jonifer Frades, Andrew Palomar, Fernie Rose Dollolasa, and Renan Palomo; Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Ildefonso Toledo with Dr. Mitchelene Resano and PAgrO division representatives.

The discussion centered on Governor Defensor’s ambitious goal of bolstering agricultural production. He laid down his plans to establish Basic Agricultural Management Units (AMUs) designed to optimize farming practices and streamline operations. A key aspect of this initiative involves strategic mapping to identify hybrid and inbred crop clusters, facilitating targeted interventions for maximum productivity for rice sector and eventually replicating the concept to other commodities.

Governor Defensor stressed the importance of AMUs in providing vital support and starting up the system for the farmers providing them with education/training, and capital assistance to inspire and motivate rural development.

The provincial agricultural strategy codenamed “SERBISYO,” underscores this commitment, focusing on marketing, cluster-based preparation, production, harvest operation, drying and milling, and marketing.

Financial commitments for these endeavours were outlined, with a total provincial budget of P16 million allocated. A total of P9 million is designated for hybrid clusters and P7 million for inbred clusters. Notably, the DA’s investment for Iloilo’s hybrid clusters amounts to P451,662.49 with P101,684.73 allocated to the inbred clusters.

Director Arpia states DA’s commitment to secure more budget to fuel the progress of the agriculture sector and support the PAFES program in the province.

Governor Defensor’s proactive approach underscores his dedication to driving agricultural development, laying the foundation for sustainable economic prosperity that is in line with his Movement for a Robust, Progressive, Globally-competitive and Resilient (MoRProGRes) Province of Iloilo.