Relaunching of MoRProGRes Website

Information Officers Prepare For MoRProGRes Website Relaunch

Gearing up for the relaunching of the MoRPRoGRes Iloilo website, information officers (IOs) of the Iloilo Provincial Government attended the orientation activity today conducted by the Public Information and Community Affairs Office (PICAO), in partnership with the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions (LEDIP) Center and the Information Communication Technology Management Office (ICTMO).

Relaunching of MoRProGRes Website Part II

The activity aimed to prepare IOs for the website relaunch by ensuring they comprehensively understand the MoRPRoGRes agenda and its role in maintaining its content.

Further, IOs were tasked to identify programs and initiatives aligned with the agenda and refresh them with branding practices for consistent messaging.

The MoRPRoGRes social justice agenda, introduced by Governor Arthur R. Defensor, Jr. at the start of his second term in 2022, aims to position Iloilo as an ideal investment destination by bolstering fundamentals in critical sectors such as power and energy, water, telecommunications, and road networks.