Iloilo Provincial Government Boosts Blue Swimming Crab Population

Iloilo Prov’l Government Boosts Blue Swimming Crab Population

On May 8, 2024, at 8 PM, the lloilo Provincial Agriculture Fisheries Division took action to replenish the Blue Swimming Crab population in Sitio Banban, Brgy. Tambaliza, Concepcion, lloilo.

Iloilo Provincial Government Boosts Blue Swimming Crab Population part two

With the release of 1,036 crablets into the seagrass beds, the initiative seeks to reinforce marine life and sustain local livelihoods.

These crablets were hatched and produced at the Blue Swimming Crab Hatchery of the lloilo Provincial Agriculture Office established within the Northern lloilo State University (NISU) Concepcion Campus. They were inaugurated last August 31, 2023.

This effort is part of a broader project to rejuvenate the Blue Swimming Crab population, aiming to restore ecological balance and support communities reliant on it.

This is aligned with the lloilo Provincial Government’s MoRProGRes program under the leadership of Governor Arthur R. Defensor Jr. which prioritizes food security. This initiative signifies a strategic step towards preserving marine resources and ensuring sustainable regional development.

This endeavour is in partnership with SEAFDEC, BFAR 6, LGU Concepcion, NISU, Saravia Blue and local fisherfolk. 

(Iloilo Provincial Agriculture Office)

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